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Vibrational Art
You are offered on this site art that is divinely inspired to uplift and upgrade the viewer’s body, mind and spirit — whether this art is in the home, office or other establishment. Because it radiates a high vibration or frequency, this art can immediately produce life-enhancing benefits in your thinking and the way you and your environment feel. Such benefits as feeling a greater sense of wellbeing, inner peace and joy, more empowerment, deeper love, and more abundant, successful and fulfilled, among other such qualities.

The Quest
My personal journey has been a concerted one into ever-higher levels of spiritual awareness for 30 years now. (And, yes, I still have a long way to go.) This quest has taught me the power of sacred geometric and high-frequency energies to markedly enhance the quality of our lives. And, as each of our lives is enhanced, the world changes for the better. It is this body of knowledge that totally inspires my work today.

Divine Designs
Each of my Spirit-directed art designs emanates a palpable energy of a divine quality, such as love, gratitude, compassion, abundance, peace and joy, etc. The colors directed are typically vibrant ones, ones that I happen to love, that nourish my soul and I hope yours too. And, the colors also typically correspond to the higher energy centers of our bodies.

Spiritually Symbolic Art
The underlying theme of most of my designs is spiritually symbolic. View the 3D, 3-part series which visually portrays the soul’s journey from birthing to completion in Gallery 1. In Gallery 2, you will see within each painting the 3-part, 3D theme of Creation — from Source to the manifested physical world. And, you’ll find a variety of spiritual themes reflected in each piece of Gallery 3.

Media Employed
Watercolor paints and pencils, acrylic paints, specially-created painted papers and torn printed paper collage as well as found items variously find their way into my mixed media artworks. Many have been offered on a variety of papers, canvas, art boards/panels and now dimensionally on acrylic/plexiglass. I can also envision these designs being implemented three-dimensionally in a broader array of media, such as metals, wood, stone, fabrics and tapestries, etc., for walls, installations and 3D suspended artworks.

Creating the World We Want
My dream is that these designs significantly accelerate the evolvement of peace, brotherly love, abundance and joy in this world. Because each individual’s level of spiritual awareness and quality of life contributes to the whole, having these life-enhancing originals, their reproductions in various forms and licensed products around the world in massive abundance will help accomplish their divine purpose. With that as my goal, I hope this realization arrives sooner rather than later for all of us.


“Ann’s artwork touches the soul with sacred symbology like no other and alters me from the inside out.”
  Bill Michels, Richardson, TX
“I commissioned Ann to create one of her divinely-inspired geometric paintings using colors that went with my décor and for the energy that I needed most. When I stand in front of it, I can feel the life it is giving me and I feel more empowered. I love it.”
  Susan Neal, Owner
A-Custom Foundation Repair
Burleson, TX
“The geometric shapes in combination with the vibrant colors are mesmerizing.”
Linda C., Dallas, TX
“Standing in front of Ann’s artwork, I can feel the energies. The energy flows directly to different parts of my body based on what I most need. It is powerful.”
C. Cardenas, Dallas, TX
“It has been my experience that each of Ann's paintings truly captures the essence and energy of the title that each one carries. My emotional response to the subtle energies emanating from them has been reflective and in harmony with each title. I think Ann has truly captured in shape and color the "faces" of higher consciousness.”
  Teresa Tharp
“When Ann told me about her art, I was not really interested. When I saw it, the energy that came off it really grabbed me. It was really powerful. I ended up purchasing one and hope to purchase some more.”
  John Cortright, CEO
Dallas, TX
“Ann’s artistry is an experience in transformation and genius. The love and healing are amazing.”
  Reverend Pam Plauche
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